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Sustainability is a word that I have no connection to. For me, it is just a buzzword that is used in conversations by investment bankers or Scandinavian architects, either to convince you that they are taking an ethical approach or to deceive you and make you feel like you are not keeping up with the times. I believe that it is a new word that was created to describe something old. I do not mean old as in something bad that should be left behind, but old in the sense that it is a concept that embodies a value that naturally guides our daily lives, without thinking and in a logical way, and logic does not need to be explained.

I strongly believe in the power of words. Naming a problem, feeling, or concept helps us to first recognize it, then to understand how to deal with it, use it, or perhaps even confront it. But the problem I face with the word sustainability is that I consider it difficult to integrate into our daily lives, unlike the concept of truth, friendship, love, beauty, mercy, preservation, renewal, technology, work, sleep, laughter, or joy.

Of course, we can all understand it from the strategic perspective of companies and governments. For example, sustainability is a fundamental value in Vision 2030, and it is present in everything we implement at the highest level of thinking in cities like NEOM, or in preserving and restoring the beautiful AlUla, or restoring the Balad in Jeddah, or the natural reserves around Saudi Arabia or for nature or the coral reefs in the Red Sea International Company, or in any quality of life program like "Green Riyadh", or to encourage sports or arts or many Saudi initiatives. It makes sense to use this word in those contexts where there are policies and procedures within large economies and infrastructures, and we can understand how to apply them and achieve results. But in my daily life, why should I think about sustainability?

I really hoped to find a creative way to approach this concept, and I couldn't find anything different from what my mind was analyzing. I even asked my brother for help to write the article for me using the ChatGPT platform, and he did! It was a beautiful article about biodiversity that you might read and then forget immediately. I wasn't convinced!

Sustainability is renewal instead of new construction

Frankly, I think sustainability in our daily lives is about being more conscious and thoughtful, and I don't think it should be over-thought. If I were to apply it in my life and according to my interests, it would be translated in real estate, interior design, fashion, and art! In my humble opinion, sustainability is renewal instead of new construction, we already have wonderful homes and public buildings that we can redevelop for new uses that we need now and in the future.

As for interior design, furniture can be redesigned and rearranged, start with simple steps like moving that table, covering that chair, and fixing that old cabinet. Interior design has become so diverse today that you can adopt a certain decor without changing everything, you can switch, mix, and match.

This also applies to clothing; wear an old piece but with a new style. Personally, I love discovering an old piece in my wardrobe to pair it with a new and trendy one. You might be surprised by how tucking in the shirt, rolling up the sleeves, or changing the pants, for example, can give you a fresh look.

Finally, when it comes to art, I never throw away things that I find beautiful, even if it's a piece of paper. For me, I always look towards my next artistic project, regardless of the time it will take; it's the art of college.

In conclusion, for me, sustainability in our daily lives is translated with logic and senses!



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