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Eng. Abdullah Abdulrahman Alkhorayef​

Director and Founder

Abdullah A. Alkhorayef, a Saudi engineer, working in real estate development, his deep passion for art, design, culture, and fashion always appears in all his works, whether in the projects he builds or the homes he designs. He studied industrial engineering at King Saud University and interior design in London. He has many artworks, and his love for history and culture is a constant source of inspiration in everything he does. His practical experiences and his cultural and artistic interests made him have a different, comprehensive, and distinctive view that emanates from Saudi traditions and a contemporary worldview.

Ain Alfaras Atelier founded in 2008, with the aim of designing interiors to the highest standards both for private homes and for companies.

Our portfolio includes dozens of completed projects for apartments and private homes along with the interiors we have designed for hotels, restaurants, and offices.

Our style may be eclectic but our simple and consistent approach remains our hallmark.

The creative tandem of the team has been catalytic in establishing and developing the work. We always manage to mix works with brevity and clarity in a traditional style and stays ahead of the trend in the way we complete interiors bringing a complex eclecticism to the classical format, with new textures and shapes.

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