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An adventure in the depths of self... How do I live it?

I don't like adventures. Merely the mention of the word "adventure" makes me feel weary and exhausted and I find myself feeling like I want to go to bed or take a nap. It's not because I fear embarking on an adventure; rather, it's an acknowledgment of the exertion required to undertake what springs to mind when I think of the concept of adventure. However, during another period, perhaps during Ramadan or Eid, I can't recall precisely, a sudden sensation overwhelmed me as if I was embarking on a personal odyssey. The reason eludes me, truthfully, but I was intrigued by the notion that one can undergo a genuine inner expedition in solitude. No one else is aware of it, and those around them remain oblivious to the fact that they are living it as an adventure in their own right.

For more than a year now, I have been perceiving my life as an ongoing adventure. To an external observer, my daily life may seem ordinary, or at times even less than ordinary. It lacks the thrilling or pivotal events that often punctuate one's journey. I express my gratitude to the Almighty for the absence of calamities, sorrows, losses, or the departure of loved ones or cherished things. This realization is a complete blessing, for which I am truly thankful. However, on the majority of days, I find my life unfolding in a repetitive cycle of work, preoccupations, and duties that we all encounter. Time moves forward, and I witness how it manifests in career transitions, marriages, relocation to foreign lands, and the remarkable achievements of others. As for my own personal narrative, its details shall remain undisclosed.

Upon contemplation of the disparity between my experiences in the preceding year and the present one, a notable divergence becomes apparent. However, this distinction is not external but rather resides within me, touching the realms of spirituality, cognition, and sentiment. Articulating this internal transformation precisely presents a challenge, yet I am determined to offer a more elucidating explanation.

An adventure with oneself

After carefully analyzing my personal adventure, which can be both overwhelming and exhilarating, much like any challenging adventure that demands effort, I have realized that for unknown reasons—I may be incorrect or accurate in this belief—I do not possess the innate ability to effortlessly encounter favorable circumstances. Instead, I must actively strive to attain them.

Undoubtedly, I have been blessed abundantly by God, who has graciously adorned me with unique attributes and imperfections that are intricately tailored to my own individuality.

The path of my life has taken me on a solitary, predestined journey, and this applies to all of us. God does not grant everything nor does He take away everything.

I reluctantly embraced the idea that this is my unique life journey, where I must utilize the blessings bestowed upon me to actively pursue my own experiences and strive for what I desire, rather than passively waiting for things to come my way.

Of course, Acknowledging this reality is indeed one aspect, while taking action upon it is another challenge altogether. I must plan for it, or perhaps not plan at all. Maybe it is meant to be that way? But how does one plan for the unknown?

While I lack absolute certainty, I am aware of numerous concepts regarding adventures. These include the unfamiliar, taking initiative, taking risks, moments of hesitation, exhilaration, bewilderment, yearning, fear, taking chances, impulsive actions, perplexity, and exercising caution. Consequently, these experiences evoke emotions such as happiness, disappointment, remorse, achievement, setback, frustration, surrender, mistakes, and learning. They encompass various psychological and human implications that may or may not hold significance. In my view, all of this serves as indications of the existence of a form of adventure.

Expand the perception of adventure

I have a reluctance to offer advice, yet the objective of this article is to stimulate the broadening of comprehension regarding the concept of adventure. Each of the previously mentioned emotions may be regarded as an adventure if we opt to interpret them as such, and even the absence of experiencing any emotion could be viewed as a distinct form of adventure.

Finding inner peace and understanding our current position in life is a beautiful endeavor. We may find ourselves in a state of monotony, undergoing changes, transitioning, or entering a new phase, whether it signifies a beginning or an end. Different individuals perceive life in various ways, as a journey, an adventure, a station, or an opportunity. However, our personal perspective does not define life itself, so why should we worry about its viewpoint?

We should select our adventures based on our own desires and emotions, just as Dr. Suad Al-Sabah conveys in the lyrics of her song "Be My Friend," sung beautifully by Majida El Roumi.

My hobbies are simple... and my interests are simple

In my perspective, embracing the beauty of appreciating the small things in life is crucial. It's about experiencing every moment to the fullest. Making connections with new people, ending relationships, greeting strangers, trying out different styles, changing our appearance, going without makeup, reading challenging books, surrendering, accepting challenges, apologizing, and standing firm in our beliefs all hold their own adventures. Let's be open to trying new things and learning from them. Even if there isn't a profound lesson or objective, that's perfectly alright. It's important to allow ourselves to feel all emotions and make choices that propel us forward. You have the choice to make your life an adventure or not. Additionally, let's not forget that imagination itself is a remarkable adventure that often goes underappreciated.

To be honest, I came close to apologizing for writing this article because I had been putting off its preparation for a considerable period, and it's a habit I need to work on changing. Nevertheless, I made the bold choice to embrace the risk and write about the journey of hesitation within my own thoughts.

As for those who seek adventures in their traditional sense, let them pursue them and share their pictures with us.



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