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لكل زمان دولة ونساء

The saying "For Every Era, There is a State and its Men" is clearly present in the Saudi example. King Salman, may God protect him, and his Crown Prince, Prince Mohammed, are a true and real representation of this proverb. However, to achieve this state and its time, these men wanted to shed light on the women of the time and state.

Saudi women have always had an active role in society, but here, it has been clarified, activated, empowered, and enhanced.

Change is always difficult, in all cases and societies, especially for the revival of a society and the achievement of goals within a specific time. But if we ignore the big picture that may seem scary and difficult to achieve, and look at the change of the individual, we will find that women are more capable of it than men, once they have grasped this idea, they will understand the meaning of the poet Hafez Ibrahim when he said:

"The mother is a school, if you prepare her, you will prepare a people of good race"

Looking at the change I personally wanted to achieve, it became clear to me the number of women who enabled me to achieve it, and I was shocked by their number, and the strangest thing is that this empowerment was sometimes in the form of a word or support or advice or introducing me to a specific person or an invitation to attend a seminar or meeting or exhibition or event or dinner... etc.

These are very small steps (apparently) but they are constant, as if they all joined hands to achieve my goal, like handing over the Olympic torch from one competitor to another to reach the finish line.

There is no doubt that these changes start from the close family, then continue to achieve change for the individual, then the society and the state to achieve the goal.

And when we experience practical change, such as a job, a hobby, or anything practical, we forget to pay attention to internal changes, because when actions and words change, souls also change, and we find ourselves dealing with different feelings than we are used to, so they seem strange or incomprehensible. It is important to understand these feelings and be patient and not rush to judgment, or at least that's what I do, to see what these feelings mean.



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